July is the seventh month of the year. Since each three-month period (quarter) of the year roughly correlates with the four seasons, July is the first full month of summer in the northern climates. The days are long, the temperatures reasonably comfortable and many outdoor activities can be pursued.

For those of us who plan . . . → Read More: July

Side Impact Crash Carts

Side impact collisions are among the deadliest type of multi-vehicle accidents. The risk of dying or being seriously injured from the results of a side impact are much more likely than a typical frontal impact. This is due to the fact that there is simply not enough material between where a person is seated and . . . → Read More: Side Impact Crash Carts

Pull a Fast One…Or Slow

As plastic and composite materials increasingly replace parts traditionally made of steel, the need for determining the behavior of these components in high speed environments is extremely critical. To meet this increasing demand, MGA has built a high speed tensile tester that utilizes servo-hydraulics to match the required test parameters. Whether your test . . . → Read More: Pull a Fast One…Or Slow