MGA’s FMVSS 201U FMH Webinar Presented on Thursday, August 20th

MGA hosted its first ever technical webinar on the topic of FMVSS 201U free motion headform (FMH) testing for final-stage and altered vehicles. The event took place on Thursday, August 20th, from 2 to 3 pm, via the internet.

This webinar focused on the upcoming FMVSS 201 Schedule 4 phase-in requirements . . . → Read More: MGA’s FMVSS 201U FMH Webinar Presented on Thursday, August 20th

FMVSS 216a Head Positioning Fixture

The FMVSS 216a final rule has been released for several months now, and a significant addition to the rule involves the Head Positioning Fixture (HPF). Because the HPF is not defined specifically in the final rule, the design of the structure has raised several questions within the testing community. MGA has developed a . . . → Read More: FMVSS 216a Head Positioning Fixture

“Robot-crobatics” at MGA

MGA already has a reputation in the automotive seating industry for the quality and versatility of its Ingress/Egress (I/E) testing. Robot driven I/E testing is predominantly used for evaluating the durability characteristics of seats when an occupant enters or exits a vehicle; specifically, how the trim material on the seats is affected by the robot . . . → Read More: “Robot-crobatics” at MGA

Integrated Life Cycle Fixture

Ever been required to test a door, instrument panel, or seat, but do not have access to a vehicle buck? Furthermore, wouldn’t it be ideal if all the pneumatic cylinders and controls were already in position and ready to test? MGA has the ability to solve both problems with an Integrated Life Cycle . . . → Read More: Integrated Life Cycle Fixture

Murphy’s Law and Col. Stapp

With the introduction of jet propulsion during the late 1940’s, performance characteristics of military aircraft dramatically changed. As a result, the military became extremely concerned with establishing human tolerance data for pilots, both from the standpoint of aircraft control and possible ejection from disabled aircraft. A project to determine human tolerance information was instituted at . . . → Read More: Murphy’s Law and Col. Stapp

Sunload Testing

Sunload testing is: subjecting test samples to a specific temperature through direct sunlight simulated through infrared lighting. All sun load tests involve placing samples into environmental temperatures normally higher than ambient conditions and subjecting certain areas of the sample to simulated sunlight. Thermocouples are attached to the sample and must remain in contact . . . → Read More: Sunload Testing

“X” Marks the Spot

For many years MGA has been recognized as an industry leader in FMVSS 200 series validation, notably seat and seat belt anchorage (207/210) testing. One of the most important aspects in preparing for these particular tests is to obtain an accurate center of gravity (CG) location as well as seat weight, since both . . . → Read More: “X” Marks the Spot

Electrical Performance/Characteristics Capabilities Added

In the past decade, the number of electronic devices available in an automobile has increased dramatically. Options such as DVD players, heated/cooled seats, cup holders, and GPS units have gone from luxuries to practically standard. As a result of this trend, it follows that our customers’ need for electrical testing is increasing. With this is . . . → Read More: Electrical Performance/Characteristics Capabilities Added