A Baseball Odyssey

Having enjoyed a baseball trip last year, my wife and I, with two relatives, planned another trip for August of this year. Although baseball was the motivation for the venture, it really was an opportunity to experience some local customs.

The trip began in Grand Rapids, MI where the West Michigan . . . → Read More: A Baseball Odyssey

New Stab Testing Capabilities!

MGA-MI's Stab Test System

I’m sure almost everyone reading this article has watched the TV show “Cops” or a war movie at one point. I’m also assuming that most of us agree that policemen and soldiers are very brave people. I, for one, can’t imagine being put in some of the situations . . . → Read More: New Stab Testing Capabilities!

MGA Supports South Carolina Aerospace Cluster in Many Ways

All of MGA’s locations have supported the aerospace industry with various services, and our Greer location is no exception. MGA-SC has brought on-line many test procedures and applications over the past two years in order to support the various aerospace companies in the local region. The announcement in October 2009 of Boeing’s decision . . . → Read More: MGA Supports South Carolina Aerospace Cluster in Many Ways

MGA Sponsors Local Formula SAE Teams

Oakland Universities Formula Car and Team

Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is a competition where students design and manufacture a small Formula style race car. Formula SAE allows students to get hands-on experience by applying textbook theories to real world applications. A team of students face multi-disciplinary challenges . . . → Read More: MGA Sponsors Local Formula SAE Teams

MGA-MI Certified by VCA for Pedestrian Testing

Lower Legform Impact

This past February, we proudly became certified by VCA North America to conduct pedestrian protection testing to all European regulations and to Global Technical Regulation (GTR) No. 9. This certification is an important asset to our customers because it provides them with confidence that our test methodology, calibration, . . . → Read More: MGA-MI Certified by VCA for Pedestrian Testing

Nail Penetration Test

Special safety considerations need to be taken with lithium-ion batteries intended for use in new hybrid electric vehicles. Abuse testing for these batteries is outlined by SAE J2464 as well as the USABC Freedom Car Abuse test manual. One of the tests outlined by these standards is the nail penetration test. In an . . . → Read More: Nail Penetration Test

Space Exploration

Today, the nation’s leaders are questioning the wisdom of continuing an aggressive space exploration program. The question seems to be, are potential future benefits worth the current costs? Such long term policies should be debated in a democratic society. Naturally, several former astronauts believe a well funded program is essential to our future. . . . → Read More: Space Exploration

Floating to the Top

To sink or not to sink, that is the question. Archimedes’ principle states that as an object is immersed in a fluid, it is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. Buoyancy forces should be able to help suspend multiple times its displacement weight. . . . → Read More: Floating to the Top

Lithium Battery Safety

As many of us know, the big strive of the automotive industry right now is toward fuel efficiency and greener energy. Two good ways to achieve that are hybrid electric vehicles and full electric vehicles. Both of these new technologies use another new technology: lithium batteries. The big advantage is their storage capacity . . . → Read More: Lithium Battery Safety

MGA-WI Adds MIL-LX Legs to Blast Testing Capabilities

Standard Hybrid III Lower Leg

MGA-WI recently purchased a set of MIL-LX legs (Military Lower Extremity) from Denton ATD. These legs will help to advance the occupant survivability evaluations in a military mine blast environment. The MIL-LX legs can be used in component impacting, drop tower testing, and full-scale armored vehicle blast testing.

The . . . → Read More: MGA-WI Adds MIL-LX Legs to Blast Testing Capabilities