Underwriter Laboratories Certificate of Participation

In order to provide a wider range of testing capabilities to our battery customers, we have completed the process to obtain a Certificate of Participation from Underwriter Laboratories. This means that if our customers would like a UL certificate for their batteries in accordance with UL1642, UL2054, or UL810A, this testing can now . . . → Read More: Underwriter Laboratories Certificate of Participation

Protecting Our Troops

Every year, thousands of soldiers are injured or killed by roadside attacks. In order to better protect our troops, one major change being made is in the design of military vehicles. This design change is the addition of substantial structural armor. When increasing armor thickness, some of the concerns are the adverse effects . . . → Read More: Protecting Our Troops

FMVSS 201U Application to Military Vehicles: An Observation

One of the perks of my job is that I often get to see the inside of many different types of vehicles prior to their introduction to the public. While each one competes in the market place for style and comfort, it is the safety integrated into the vehicle system that peaks my . . . → Read More: FMVSS 201U Application to Military Vehicles: An Observation

Airbag Deployment Testing Capabilities in South Carolina

Our South Carolina facility has been vigorously adding testing capabilities in order to support the needs of the automotive industry in the Southern Automotive Corridor. Safety testing has always been a core strength of MGA at each location, and that is no different for our test laboratory in South Carolina.

We . . . → Read More: Airbag Deployment Testing Capabilities in South Carolina

It’s About the Customer

Two years ago, in the early fall of 2008, the economy took a nosedive. At that time, most people felt that we would experience a somewhat normal recession with the economy returning to pre-recession levels within a year or two. Now, over two years later, with the unemployment rate near 10% and still . . . → Read More: It’s About the Customer

MGA’s Pedestrian iDummy

Most people have heard of the iPod, iPhone, and iTunes, but how about the iDummy? Our iDummy is a system that integrates the typically large Data Acquisition System (DAS) and expansive sensor wiring all into the internal thorax cavity of a crash test dummy. Instead of a bulky dummy umbilical connected to a . . . → Read More: MGA’s Pedestrian iDummy