MI Vibration Lab Expansion

MGA’s Michigan facility has recently expanded its vibration testing capabilities. Currently, we offer nine electro-dynamic (ED) vibration shaker machines with combined environmental conditioning ranging from -40°C to +85°C. The capacities of the shakers range from as large as 12,000 force pounds to a small 600 force pound MB Black shaker, which is enclosed . . . → Read More: MI Vibration Lab Expansion

Head Restraints Procedure and Side Curtain Airbag Rule Released by the NHTSA

In the past month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published two key documents with respect to testing conducted at MGA’s Michigan facility. Changes to current standards as well as the introduction of new safety regulations are a key part to vehicle development. Typically, changes made by the NHTSA are based on . . . → Read More: Head Restraints Procedure and Side Curtain Airbag Rule Released by the NHTSA

An Accidental President

February is the month we honor presidents, and recently I was reminded of 1955 when I checked into a dorm room at Michigan State University and met my roommate, Bruce Fillmore. Bruce was the great, great-grandson of the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore. He grew up in southern Michigan, but . . . → Read More: An Accidental President

Best Laid Plans

MGA has over thirty years of experience in the industry planning test programs. Test planning can easily be one of the largest as well as variable cost factors for any testing program. Outsourcing tests can have many associated peripheral costs above and beyond the cost to conduct the actual test. Typical peripheral costs . . . → Read More: Best Laid Plans

The Flying Floor

As the 2011 model year New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Star Rating testing winds to a close, MGA has begun preparations to update our flying floor rigid side pole test fixture. The new design will incorporate changes that will not only improve the current operation of the flying floor, but also allow MGA . . . → Read More: The Flying Floor