MGA-MI ED Shaker Vibration Lab Expansion Part II

Since the start of the new year, MGA-MI has added more to its vibration testing capabilities. We have installed an additional 3 ED shakers, which brings the total to 12 machines. We’ve also added a number of AGREE environmental conditioners that work hand-in-hand with some of our shaker systems. This provides us with . . . → Read More: MGA-MI ED Shaker Vibration Lab Expansion Part II

Full Interior Testing Capabilities

MGA is well known throughout the testing industry for seat testing, both for government regulations as well as durability and vibration evaluations. Recently, we have focused on testing the remaining components that help to make up the interior of the vehicle including door trim, window regulators, instrument panels, floor consoles, load floors, headliners, . . . → Read More: Full Interior Testing Capabilities

Business Regeneration

Since the fall of 2008, the economy has undergone several changes, which most people likely feel have not been good. Some companies have undergone reorganization under bankruptcy laws, others have been acquired by larger firms, while some have simply gone out of business. As a result, the media makes us very mindful of . . . → Read More: Business Regeneration

Earth Day

Earth Day was April 22, 2011. It should remind us to appreciate our global home, to assess its health and how it is changing; then consider simple ways to protect it. Here are some interesting Earth facts, tips, and advice from the AARP Bulletin.

Our Stomping Grounds

The planet is 4.5 billion years old Global . . . → Read More: Earth Day

MGA-MI Sled Improvements

The MGA-MI sled facility has undergone several improvements over the last few months to enhance testing efficiency, as well as facility improvements so the customer experience at MGA is as enjoyable as possible. Some of our facility improvements include new high speed cameras, high speed camera viewing and WiFi compatibility in our conference . . . → Read More: MGA-MI Sled Improvements