Grand Opening of MGA’s Facilities & Equipment Center

During the last 35 years, MGA has become a provider of engineering services for a variety of industries throughout the World.  This success is attributed to the dedicated and innovative associates throughout the organization who have developed, designed, and built just about every piece of test equipment used in our labs throughout the United States.  It is our goal to provide customers with the same technology used in our labs. To help meet this goal, MGA recently opened a new Facilities & Equipment Center at our Troy, Michigan location.

 The grand opening of the Facilities & Equipment Center was held on October 26, 2011 and was a huge success. Over 75 MGA customers and industry leaders were in attendance for the event.  While attendees were arriving, everyone was encouraged to browse the equipment displays and socialize with representatives from the diverse array of companies in attendance. On display were several pieces of equipment including a FMVSS 207/210 seat anchorage system, a FMVSS 202a head restraint system, and jounce and squirm machine. In addition, associates from several MGA facilities were onsite to answer equipment and testing related questions.  Networking and socializing continued throughout a catered luncheon which provided people with an opportunity to sit, relax, and eat before the presentations began.

The luncheon was followed by a short introduction by Lauren Viera of MGA-MI welcoming everyone to the grand opening. 

The first presentation was given by Mike Miller who is the V.P. of MGA and Director of the MGA-MI Operations. Miller’s presentation focused on MGA’s equipment development philosophy.  He discussed the foundation behind our development process and how this strategy supports our World-Wide customer base.  For many in attendance, this presentation was an eye opener.  It turns out that even though many customers have visited our facilities, some were unaware that we design and build this equipment. The presentation also highlighted the internal development process prior to releasing our equipment for purchase.  Mike stated that MGA products are never released to the public until we are satisfied with their durability, performance, quality, and safety in our own labs.

Following Miller’s presentation, DJ Whiteside, the Dynamic Team Leader at MGA-MI, gave a presentation on the new FMVSS 226 Ejection Mitigation standard and test procedure.  The presentation defined the purpose of the regulation and provided a breakdown of the technical requirements and the developmental history of the standard.  Many in the audience were surprised to learn that MGA was an integral part of developing equipment that helped NHTSA bring this standard to life.  DJ also explained how the FMVSS 226 impactor system functions and how the design meets the critical requirements in the regulation.

After the presentation, a live impact test demonstration was performed in order to showcase the latest versions of the MGA FMVSS 226 impactor, mobile propulsion system, and 3-axis adjustable load frame.  The demonstration walked the audience through the test procedure and gave them chance to see a live test in action.  High-speed video and acceleration data was collected to show the severity of the test and why ejection mitigation is becoming such an important concern for manufacturers.

Mike Janovicz from MGA-WI discussed MGA’s approach to product innovation.  His presentation began with a simple question: “How many of you in the audience know that MGA is involved with battery testing?”  Of those in attendance, only two raised their hands and are current battery testing customers of MGA. Many of the audience members were surprised to know that MGA has been testing batteries for almost 30 years! Mike’s presentation also highlighted several innovative battery testing products which are currently in development.  Several of these systems were on display at the grand opening. These products, along with several others, will be upcoming additions to our annual Facilities & Equipment Catalog once they meet our internal expectations. 

After the presentations, the floor was opened up for a Q&A session. Of the many questions asked during the event, one of the more popular was “How soon can we take delivery of this equipment?”  The MGA Facilities & Equipment Center is designed to not only showcase new equipment; it also provides an excellent venue for onsite training and a place to assemble an inventory of key equipment components found in our catalog.  With essential hardware and equipment in inventory at the equipment center, MGA will be able to meet most customer requests for equipment within very short lead times.

 The day ended with a walking tour highlighting the Facilities & Equipment Center’s training classrooms and office suites along with the MGA-MI hydraulic durability, simulation, static, and impact labs.  The day’s activities gave the participants an opportunity to view MGA testing equipment, and talk with industry colleagues.   Participants left with a better understanding of the rate that the development of innovative equipment plays in our mission to respond to customer needs.  Participants also left with a copy of the MGA Facilities and Equipment Catalogue.  You may also obtain a complimentary copy of the catalogue by contacting Lauren Viera ( or call 248-577-5001 x 301.

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