A Somewhat Level Playing Field

This is a reprint from the September ‘09 Newsletter

As Major League Baseball goes through the final month of the season, it is noteworthy that a majority of the teams still have hopes of making the playoffs. Of all major league sports, baseball is the only one that does not have . . . → Read More: A Somewhat Level Playing Field

Gifts From The Bicycle

While reviewing the history of early automobiles and aircraft, I was struck by the role bicycle technology played in their development. Bicycles became popular in Europe and the United States during the late 1800’s. Bicycle technology rapidly progressed and then significantly influenced both the developers and the development of these machines.

. . . → Read More: Gifts From The Bicycle

Murphy’s Law and Col. Stapp

With the introduction of jet propulsion during the late 1940’s, performance characteristics of military aircraft dramatically changed. As a result, the military became extremely concerned with establishing human tolerance data for pilots, both from the standpoint of aircraft control and possible ejection from disabled aircraft. A project to determine human tolerance information was . . . → Read More: Murphy’s Law and Col. Stapp

Job or Career?

The common theme at many recent graduations seems to be discussions on the state of the economy and how difficult it will be for graduates to get a job. This seems to me to be the wrong message to send to new graduates. From my experience, having a long term satisfying career is . . . → Read More: Job or Career?

Business Regeneration

Since the fall of 2008, the economy has undergone several changes, which most people likely feel have not been good. Some companies have undergone reorganization under bankruptcy laws, others have been acquired by larger firms, while some have simply gone out of business. As a result, the media makes us very mindful of . . . → Read More: Business Regeneration

SAE Sponsored College Competitions

Baja Vehicles at MGA (2009)

This is the season when student engineering teams are designing and building vehicles that will participate in various competitions. Each year the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sponsors the Baja SAE and Formula SAE collegiate design competitions. The Baja project is to design, build and race . . . → Read More: SAE Sponsored College Competitions

Sparky Anderson and Bob Feller

This year, as in the past 25 years, I will go to Florida to attend Detroit Tiger Spring Training activities. Last year both Sparky Anderson and Bob Feller passed away. As a result of several Spring Training seasons, I have vivid and pleasant memories of both of these members of the Baseball Hall . . . → Read More: Sparky Anderson and Bob Feller

An Accidental President

February is the month we honor presidents, and recently I was reminded of 1955 when I checked into a dorm room at Michigan State University and met my roommate, Bruce Fillmore. Bruce was the great, great-grandson of the 13th President of the United States, Millard Fillmore. He grew up in southern Michigan, but . . . → Read More: An Accidental President

Future Job Creation

Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss current educational challenges with the Dean of Engineering of a major university. He said that during the past several years, the greatest change for their graduates was where they would find career opportunities. In the past, most of their graduates obtained employment at large . . . → Read More: Future Job Creation

It’s About the Customer

Two years ago, in the early fall of 2008, the economy took a nosedive. At that time, most people felt that we would experience a somewhat normal recession with the economy returning to pre-recession levels within a year or two. Now, over two years later, with the unemployment rate near 10% and still . . . → Read More: It’s About the Customer