MGA Offers a Vast Array of Vibration and Shock Testing Options

Mechanical Vibration and Shock issues pose significant challenges to many industries. Including the Automotive, Defense, and Military fields. The development of robust products that can be exposed to long term vibration exposure or periodic shocks without degradation is critical to the overall performance of any system. As is the case with many product . . . → Read More: MGA Offers a Vast Array of Vibration and Shock Testing Options

MGA Offers Automotive Interior Suppliers Multiple Solutions

Over the past few years, the automotive industry has focused on a number of areas to improve the interior of vehicles. The look, quality, and features of a vehicle’s interior are some of the most important factors a consumer will consider in a vehicle purchase. The emphasis that automakers place on developing cutting . . . → Read More: MGA Offers Automotive Interior Suppliers Multiple Solutions

Salt Fog Testing

Salt fog testing is a method of determining where corrosion or oxidizing will occur when a product is subjected to a corrosive atmosphere. This type of testing is used to evaluate products in an accelerated manner to investigate corrosion related issues.

Commonly Tested Items:

► Road Guard Rails

► Automotive . . . → Read More: Salt Fog Testing

Earth Day

Earth Day was April 22, 2011. It should remind us to appreciate our global home, to assess its health and how it is changing; then consider simple ways to protect it. Here are some interesting Earth facts, tips, and advice from the AARP Bulletin.

Our Stomping Grounds

The planet is 4.5 billion years old Global . . . → Read More: Earth Day

UN/DOT Shock Testing

Shock testing is a part of the UN/DOT testing, which is mandated on all lithium batteries before they can be legally shipped around the country. The shock test is done to simulate what would happen if the shipping container was accidentally dropped during the shipping process. The requirements for this test serve two . . . → Read More: UN/DOT Shock Testing

Protecting Our Troops

Every year, thousands of soldiers are injured or killed by roadside attacks. In order to better protect our troops, one major change being made is in the design of military vehicles. This design change is the addition of substantial structural armor. When increasing armor thickness, some of the concerns are the adverse effects . . . → Read More: Protecting Our Troops

MGA Supports South Carolina Aerospace Cluster in Many Ways

All of MGA’s locations have supported the aerospace industry with various services, and our Greer location is no exception. MGA-SC has brought on-line many test procedures and applications over the past two years in order to support the various aerospace companies in the local region. The announcement in October 2009 of Boeing’s decision . . . → Read More: MGA Supports South Carolina Aerospace Cluster in Many Ways

Floating to the Top

To sink or not to sink, that is the question. Archimedes’ principle states that as an object is immersed in a fluid, it is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object. Buoyancy forces should be able to help suspend multiple times its displacement weight. . . . → Read More: Floating to the Top

Vibration at Extreme Environments On-Line at Greer Lab

MGA’s South Carolina facility initially brought on-line an Electro-Dynamic (ED) Shaker to conduct vibration testing at ambient temperatures. Recently, an investment was made to upgrade the facility to accommodate vibration exposure simultaneously with extreme environmental conditions. We wanted the capability to test various components in real world conditions in which a product is . . . → Read More: Vibration at Extreme Environments On-Line at Greer Lab

Shim Testing at MGA

An important test for seats that does not receive as much credit as it should is shim testing. The purpose of shim testing is to adjust the structure of the seat into abnormal positions and evaluate the functional performance of the seat. It is imperative to evaluate how a seat will function with . . . → Read More: Shim Testing at MGA