Taking it to the Sky – MGA Expands Aerospace Services

Since Leonardo da Vinci dreamed up his flying machine, people have been looking to the sky. 500 years later we see great innovation in commercial aircraft. The goal is to make the passengers’ experience much better than it was before, while maintaining the safety standards that make flying the safest mode of transportation . . . → Read More: Taking it to the Sky – MGA Expands Aerospace Services

MGA and Recycling

If you look up the word recycle in the dictionary you will find various definitions and synonyms. The definition/synonym for this article is the act of giving back a sense of freedom to those who do not have the gift of sight. . . . → Read More: MGA and Recycling

Salt Fog Testing

Salt fog testing is a method of determining where corrosion or oxidizing will occur when a product is subjected to a corrosive atmosphere. This type of testing is used to evaluate products in an accelerated manner to investigate corrosion related issues.

Commonly Tested Items:

► Road Guard Rails

► Automotive . . . → Read More: Salt Fog Testing

Fire Test Facility Under Construction

As part of MGA’s continued drive to meet the needs of our customer base, a comprehensive facility is being brought on-line related to fire issues. The Aerospace, Automotive and Rail industries are challenged with meeting a number of fire related specifications for their products. As part of this effort, three new test systems . . . → Read More: Fire Test Facility Under Construction

MGA-SC Hosts ASQ-Palmetto Section Meeting

MGA Engineer Mark Nowakowski provides a brief introduction prior to the tour

On June 14, 2011, MGA-SC location hosted an on-site meeting and tour for the ASQ (American Society for Quality) Palmetto Section. This organization brings together many professionals who are involved with South Carolina businesses. The meeting is held monthly to . . . → Read More: MGA-SC Hosts ASQ-Palmetto Section Meeting

Chip Resistance Testing Now Online

They say that you can judge a person based on how they take care of their car. The first impression that one gets when looking at their vehicle is the outer paint. Day to day wear and tear on a car can chew up and spit out a paint job. Road debris causes . . . → Read More: Chip Resistance Testing Now Online

Technical Translation Available For Testing Conducted at MGA

MGA has years of experience in providing testing services to various domestic and foreign Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers. Typically, when conducting testing for a foreign OEM, we are requested to have the test results translated into the native language for the customer to share with their counterparts overseas. We have . . . → Read More: Technical Translation Available For Testing Conducted at MGA

Protecting Our Troops

Every year, thousands of soldiers are injured or killed by roadside attacks. In order to better protect our troops, one major change being made is in the design of military vehicles. This design change is the addition of substantial structural armor. When increasing armor thickness, some of the concerns are the adverse effects . . . → Read More: Protecting Our Troops

Airbag Deployment Testing Capabilities in South Carolina

Our South Carolina facility has been vigorously adding testing capabilities in order to support the needs of the automotive industry in the Southern Automotive Corridor. Safety testing has always been a core strength of MGA at each location, and that is no different for our test laboratory in South Carolina.

We . . . → Read More: Airbag Deployment Testing Capabilities in South Carolina

Flammability Testing at MGA

A Horizontal flammability test being performed at MGA-SC.

The Horizontal Chamber

MGA’s test laboratories offer various types of flammability testing for multiple applications. The most common flammability testing that is run in the automotive field is FMVSS 302, which is a horizontal test. This testing requires that all materials meet a burn . . . → Read More: Flammability Testing at MGA