Taking it to the Sky – MGA Expands Aerospace Services

Since Leonardo da Vinci dreamed up his flying machine, people have been looking to the sky. 500 years later we see great innovation in commercial aircraft. The goal is to make the passengers’ experience much better than it was before, while maintaining the safety standards that make flying the safest mode of transportation . . . → Read More: Taking it to the Sky – MGA Expands Aerospace Services

MGA and Recycling

If you look up the word recycle in the dictionary you will find various definitions and synonyms. The definition/synonym for this article is the act of giving back a sense of freedom to those who do not have the gift of sight. . . . → Read More: MGA and Recycling

Salt Fog Testing

Salt fog testing is a method of determining where corrosion or oxidizing will occur when a product is subjected to a corrosive atmosphere. This type of testing is used to evaluate products in an accelerated manner to investigate corrosion related issues.

Commonly Tested Items:

► Road Guard Rails

► Automotive . . . → Read More: Salt Fog Testing

Transparent Armor

Commonly referred to as “bullet-proof glass”, transparent armor has played an integral role in protecting individuals from ballistic threats since the 1940’s. This armor is commonly found in government buildings, aircraft, armored vehicles, banks, or in any application where visibility and protection are both required. Although used in different variations for decades, its . . . → Read More: Transparent Armor

MGA’s Growth into the Washington, D.C. Area

Bob Schnorenberg – Manassas, VA

Our newest location came to life late last year in a newly constructed 12,000 square foot building located in Manassas, Virginia. Today the facility contains a finished office space, with the remaining building on the precipice of a four month construction schedule that will result in an operating . . . → Read More: MGA’s Growth into the Washington, D.C. Area